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Rider Control of a Motorcycle near to its Cornering Limits

R. S. Sharp, University of Surrey, United Kingdom

Analysis of the Biomechanical Interaction between Rider and Motorcycle by Means of an Active Rider Model

Valentin Keppler, Biomotion Solutions, Germany

Speed-Adaptive Path-Following Control of a Riderless Bicycle  via Road Preview

C.K. Chen and T.K. Dao, Dayeh University, Taiwan

Proposal of Personal Mobility Vehicle Based on Stabilization Control of Two-Wheel Steering and Two-Wheel Driving

Chihiro Nakagawa, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan, Kimihiko Nakano, Yoshihiro Suda and Yuki Hirayama, University of Tokyo, Japan

Simulation and Control of the Anaconda

P. Kabeya and O. Verlinden,  University of Mons, Belgium

On Linear-Parameter-Varying Roll Angle Controller Design for Two-Wheeled Vehicles

M. Corno, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, M. Massaro, R. Lot, University of Padova, Italy, and S.M. Savaresi Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Dynamic Model of a Bicycle with a Balancer and Its Control

Lychek Keo and Masaki Yamakita, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Design of a Novel Aerodynamically Efficient Motorcycle

D. J. N. Limebeer and A. Sharma, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Experimental Analysis of Rider Motion in Weave Conditions

A. Doria, M. Formentini and M. Tognazzo, University of Padova, Italy

Motion Analysis of a Motorcycle Taking Account of Rider’s Effects

S. Zhu, S. Murakami and H. Nishimura, Keio University, Japan

An Accurate Method of Measuring and Comparing a Bicycle’s Physical Parameters

Jason K. Moore, Mont Hubbard, Dale L. Peterson, University of California, Davis, USA, A. L. Schwab and J. D. G. Kooijman, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

An intelligent Frontal Collision Warning system for Motorcycles

F. Biral, University of Trento, Italy, R. Lot, R. Sartori, University of Padova, Italy, A. Borin Yamaha Motor R&D Europe, Italy, and B. Roessler, SICK AG, Germany

Modeling of a Motorcycle using Multi-Body Dynamics and Its Stabilization Control

S. Murakami, S. Zhu and H.Nishimura, Keio University, Japan

Experimental investigation on the shimmy phenomenon

D. De Falco, G. Di Massa and S. Pagano, Seconda Università di Napoli, Italy

Automatic Generation of Linearised Equations of Motion for Moving Vehicles

B.P. Minaker, University of Windsor, Canada

Assessing slip of a rolling disc and the implementation of a tyre model in the benchmark bicycle

E.J.H. de Vries and J.F.A den Brok, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Three Structural Component Linkage Front Suspension and Directly Connected Suspension for Motorcycles

Robert Rae, RaerDesign, Ireland

Some Investigations on the Wobble Mode of a Bicycle

Chr. Ott, B. Angrosch, J. Edelmann and M. Plöchl, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Comparison of a Bicycle Steady-state Turning Model to Experimental Data

S. M. Cain and N. C. Perkins, University of Michigan, USA

Steering Characteristics of Motorcycles

Shigeru Fujii, Souichi Shiozawa, Akinori Shinagawa and Tomoaki Kishi, Yamaha motor corporation limited, Japan

Objective and subjective evaluation of an advanced motorcycle riding simulator

V. Cossalter, R. Lot and S. Rota, University of Padova, Italy

A Virtual Rider for Reproducing Experimental Manoeuvres

M. Massaro, V. Cossalter and R. Lot, University of Padova, Italy

A Bicycle Model for Education in Machine Dynamics and Real-time Interactive Simulation

J.L. Escalona and A.M. Recuero, University of Seville Spain

Modeling Mechanical Optimization in Competitive Cycling

P. Cangley, University of Brighton, United Kingdom

Design Sensitivity Analysis of Bicycle Maneuverability and Experimental Validation

Kwangyeol Baek, Chongsung Won and Taeoh Tak, Kangwon National University, Korea

Motorcycle Dynamic Stability Monitoring During Standard Riding Conditions

F. Cheli, M. Pezzola, E. Leo, A. Saita and T. Ibrahim, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Application of the rigid ring model for simulating the dynamics of motorcycle tyres on uneven roads

A.J.C. Schmeitz, S.T.H. Jansen, TNO Science and Industry, The Netherlands, Yoshitaka Tezuka, Makoto Hasegawa and Syunichi Miyagishi, Honda R&D Co., Japan

Measuring Dynamic Properties of Bicycle Tires

A. E. Dressel and A. Rahman, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

The Application of Handling Qualities to Bicycle Design

Wm. B. Patterson and George Leone, California Polytechnic State University, USA 

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